Fienilnuovo, Palidano, Italy

Cladding of the new Parmigiano Reggiano cheese ripening warehouse in Fienilnuovo di Palidano (MN), Italy.
Designed by architect Mondini, the cladding had to have absolute continuity of line, without any interruptions except for those blank sections such as doors and windows. To meet this challenge, special angular panels were created for the building corners and expansion subjoints to allow for staggered installation, thus giving the wall a sense of movement without creating vertical lines that would have visually interrupted the horizontal sequence of the panels. The upper wall cladding also recalls the shape of the STEP model without interrupting continuity.
Moreover, the ventilated façade system adopted considerably reduces climate control power consumption in the building dedicated to ripening of that precious “King of cheeses”.

ClientOMVE for FienilnuovoSurface area1040 m2WWsystem1100 m ModPModelWWSTEP200 MaterialAluminium 10/10ColourAnodized silverInterdistance200Lengthsfrom 800 to 7840LocationPalidano (MN), Italy